Business and Commercial Services

Business and Commercial Services

We offer the following superior cleaning services which go well beyond your standard janitorial contracts:

Carpet Deep
Rug Deep
Tile and Grout
Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT)

Companies spend big money on carpeting, area rugs, upholstery and leather for their organizations. That’s why businesses both across the country and around the world have made the decision to partner with Chem-Dry in order to protect their investment and keep their spaces healthy for their employees and looking great for their customers. Chem-Dry is the perfect choice for businesses of all sizes because we can deliver a deeper, cleaner and healthier service without disrupting your business activities.

Premium Hot Carbonating Extraction Service

  • Drier

    Chem-Dry’s Hot Carbonation cleaning process uses 80% less water than traditional steam cleaning techniques, delivering a dry time of 1-2 hours in place of 1-2 days. This means your business can continue running with little or no disruption while creating a healthier workplace for your employees.

  • Cleaner

    Chem-Dry’s unique hot carbonating extraction cleaning method penetrates deep into your businesses carpets and upholstery, breaking up dirt and grime and releasing it to the surface. Followed up with our state-of-the-art equipment, the dirt and water get pulled from your carpet and upholstery, leaving behind a residue-free, long lasting clean.

  • Healthier

    At Chem-Dry we employ a green-certified cleaning solution called The Natural that is safe and non-toxic for your employees and customers. Coupled with our low moisture process, Chem-Dry helps to eliminate the risk of mold and mildew from excess water left behind from traditional steam cleaning companies.

Our HCE process has achieved spectacular results particularly in heavy traffic areas with wood and drink stains such as in restaurants. Routine cleaning with HCE keeps your carpets looking great creating a more appealing and healthier environment for your clients.

In some extreme cases where we are removing built up dirt of chemicals left over from other cleaning methods, clients may discover the hidden true color of their carpets.

Whether you need a one-time cleaning for a special event or are in need of a regular maintenance plan, customized to your business’ operation, our team of technicians can handle everything from the smallest, basic local job to the biggest, most challenging national job with every job done correctly and on time, promoting a cleaner, safer, healthier environment for your customers and employees.

Economy Encapsulation Cleaning Process

While our HCE process is our superior service for maximum soil removal, we also offer the more economical Encapsulation Cleaning process. Encapsulation is an effective maintenance surface cleaning process.

After we apply the Encapsulation Solution and brushing it into your carpets, it will be dry in 2 to 4 hours. After dry the dirt is encapsulated in the solution and your staff can vacuum to complete the dirt removal process. Not to worry, your carpets will look better even before the vacuuming and vacuuming just needs to be completed in a few days.

This is an exceptional process for routine maintenance cleaning between deeper cleaning with HCE. When using this process, we do recommend every third cleaning is completed using HCE to remove provide a deep cleaning to maintain the life of your carpets.

  • Upholstery

    Are your clients sitting on dingy stained chairs and sofas? Not a very good impression, is it. We can deep clean your fabric and leather upholstery and apply a stain protection product to keep them looking good longer between professional cleanings. Our process does not rely on high temperatures, high volumes of water or high pressure which will damage your upholstery and leaves behind dirt attracting petroleum and was residues as with steam cleaning.

  • Fabric, Leather, Wet Cleanable or Dry Clean Only

    We can handle it all with fabulous results.

  • Rugs

    We offer in place maintenance cleaning or a more extensive deep clean in our shops utilizing our Premium Service.

    Only Wool Safe Certified products are used you valuable wool rugs to prevent browning and color loss.

    Stains and urine are another area that we specialize in treating with excellent results.

    We may even be able to reverse existing color bleeding with our Dye Correction process.

  • Tile and Grout

    Many companies simply blast hot water or steam laden with chemicals onto your tile hoping to remove dirt and grime.

    Our multistep tile and grout process is different:

    • Application of Cleaning Solution
    • Scrubbing the solution to loosen the dirt and grime
    • Pressurized rinse and extraction of the dirt and grime to a waste tank
    • Application of grout sealant to reside staining which will extend the time between professional cleanings
  • Stone Surfaces

    We can also restore the shine and lustre of your marble, terrazzo, travertine and limestone floors and other surfaces.

    Our process is much more extensive and yields superior results to other methods. We will:

    • Evaluate the existing surface to determine requirements to restore the shine to your expectations
    • Using multiple grit diamond impregnated pads, we will polish the stone
    • Once we achieve the desired lustre we will dry the floor and apply grout sealant

    The result is flooring that shines like it was new and maybe even better than new.

  • Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT)

    We can strip, seal and polish your VCT to leave you with a clean, shining surface. Then for maintenance we can buff and polish between deep cleanings to keep your facilities looking great

  • Granite Renewal

    Our granite renewal process cleans, seals and polishes your granite countertops and other surfaces in a multistep process.

  • Allergens

    Your carpet, rugs and upholstery act as air filters collecting allergens.  Regular cleaning by Chem-Dry will remove these and create a healthier environment for your clients and employees.  Our process has been tested by an independent lab and proven to yield these results.


At Chem-Dry we use the latest technology in carpet and upholstery cleaning using a truck mounted Hot Carbonating Extraction to give you superior drier, cleaner and healthier results. This process should not to be confused with the less effective Chem-Dry “Legacy” tank and buffer system.


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