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Patio Furniture/Upholstery Cleaning – Before and After


We recently had an opportunity to help a nice family in the Franklin area with some outdoor patio furniture cleaning.  As this was a bit of an unusual story, we thought we’d share it with you.  The family had been receiving some nightly visits from an unknown critter.  It’s not uncommon in Middle Tennessee so the family didn’t think much of it until one night all of the patio furniture looked like this! .

Patio Furniture Cleanup

Muddy Patio Furniture!

After a few more nights, the homeowners discovered it was an opossum that had taken a liking to the furniture and began using it as place to sleep! We couldn’t blame the opossum for cuddling up on a nice comfy chair, but the owners called a pest control company to humanely remove the animal and called us to clean up the damage.

Using our natural cleaning solution we were able to pull the mud and stains completely out of the furniture in just a couple minutes. No harm done! Here is a picture of the cleaning halfway through the cleaning process.  The pillow is starting to look new again.

Patio Furniture Cleaning Franklin Tennessee

Often we think of upholstery cleaning as just an indoor endeavor but if you have any outdoor upholstery that has started to look aged or needs cleaned – please  reach out, we’d be happy to give you a no cost estimate!