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The Top 5 Wood Floor Refinishing Contractors in Franklin, TN

Wood floors are a beautiful option for any home. To protect the investment of a wood floor, we recommend refinishing them every 10 to 15 years. Besides improving its appearance and taking off years of wear and tear, this process will help make a wood floor more scratch-resistant and durable. Cared for properly, a wood floor can last upwards of 100 years and withstand about 10 treatments.

Homeowners can select from several oil-based finishes including a moisture-resistant finish, an oil-modified finish, an acid cure finish or an aluminum oxide finish. Others may prefer a water-based finish that dries quickly, clear and with less odor. An old-fashioned wax finish is yet a third option for protecting wood floors.

Polyurethane is often used in an oil or water base. It offers a variety of luster depending on your selection and can darken the wood floor over the years. Polyurethane is a good choice for high-traffic areas or those that may encounter moisture. It is harder to spot-repair if there is damage in between treatments.

Varnish also offers different levels of luster; the higher the gloss, the more durable the finish. Although it also darkens over time, it does so at a slower rate than polyurethane and is much easier to fix.

A penetrating sealer brings out the natural grain of the wood. It also may also darken over years. Waxing will increase its protection ability. Although it is the least durable, it is simple to repair.

Hardwood floors can be challenging and labor intensive to refinish. Buffing too vigorously can thin the floors unnecessarily or cause floor unevenness. Sanding wrong can cause blemishes in the finish trying to repair it with excess finish can cause pooling.

Five of the top wood floor refinishing companies in Franklin, TN, offer quality service and have been rated highly by their customers.

Mr. Sandless, founded in 2015, is a locally owned and operated wood floor finishing company. The organization uses its own sandless technique with guaranteed adhesion. It employs wet solutions along with a high speed machine to prepare the floor and then seals the floor with multiple coats of a commercial grade sealer. Mr. Sandless offers a five-year warranty and works to ensure high customer satisfaction for its work.

Thompson Restoration has been serving customers in Tennessee since the turn of the millennium. As the top re-finishing company in the area, Thompson Restoration provides fast estimates, affordable pricing and quality work.

Cathey Construction, established in 2005, is a leading contracting company in Tennessee. The company offers a wide range of services including wood floor re-finishing.

With 20 years of experience, Country Flooring Direct specializes in shop-at-home hardwood floors and carpets. The store offers wood floor re-finishing in the Franklin, TN, area.

R & S Flooring, founded in 1991, specializing in professional wood floor re-finishing, strives to provide the best service, price and selection.

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